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Young Discover Foundation 

When age old wisdom, conscious eco-friendly practices and modern sophistication come together to form a unique combination, the world of Young is born. Young’s mission is to develop and deliver the finest quality products using the best of the ingredients that nature has to offer. They believe in the goodness of all things natural. The ingredients are extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically. No synthetic preservatives, petroleum & artificial fragrances or dyes are used. The qualities of self-healing and protection are inherent in the organic earth. Young products have a patent for being made using the purest quality clarified butter derived from cow’s milk.

Young discover foundation butter makeup review+cheap foundation makeup

What the Young Discover Youthopia claims:

Certified organic clarified butter (Cow ghee) and kokum butter (Garciniaindica) rejuvenate your skin as pure mineral colours blend with your skin for a lustrous luminous complexion to give you that flawless look.

The goodness of ghee and kokum will protect your skin from environmental factors. The natural mineral colours will brighten your skin for a fresh look throughout the day.


  • Quantity: 5 gms
  • Price: INR 125
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date
  • Availability: Currently only available online at Urbantouch and Goodlife.
Youthful foundation reviews+cheap foundation makeup
  • Key Ingredients: Certified Organic Clarified Butter (Cow Ghee), Kokum Butter (Garciniaindica), Beeswax and Mineral Colours
  • Directions: Apply an appropriate amount evenly onto the face and neck region and blend well.
  • Shades available: There are just 2 shades available and when I ordered this there was only one in stock. The shade I chose got happens to be the darker one and this will suit those with dusky skin tones pretty well. The other shade looks quite light from the images online and I feel it may be too pale for my skin tone. So basically, finding a perfect match is not an easy task with such limited selection.

CHEAP FOUNDATIONS+young discover youthopia foundation with clarified butter make-up

  • Packaging: It comes in a tiny plastic tub with a black screw-on lid. When I say tiny I mean itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny tiny. No kidding! This one makes my lip balm tubs look humungous in comparison and it’s just a wee bit bigger than a Re.1 coin. And can you believe this is the only size available??! Although it looks cute and is very travel-friendly, it is not very easy to use since the mouth of the tub is really small. Those with large fingers or long nails are going to have a really hard time with this one. The tub comes in an equally small outer carton with the product details. It states on the carton that this should be stored at room temperature whereas in their website it is mentioned that this should be stored away from sunlight and at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Fragrance: I was expecting this to smell of pure ghee but it actually smells very sweet instead. The fragrance is of a milk sweet infused with rose water. It’s a bit strong but I quite like it and don’t find it bothersome. If you have a sweet-tooth and love Indian sweets, you’re going to love the scent!
  • Shade Description: Shade no: 1D is a deep, tan brown with both beige as well as yellow undertones. It’s difficult to ascertain the underlying colour and perhaps this is what makes it workable on different skin tones. As you can see from the swatches, it’s too dark for my skin but I make it work for me by topping it with a lighter shade of powder. Although I tend to look a wee bit sunburned with this on, the colour mismatch is not overly evident. I feel I can carry off this shade since I hate lighter foundations that make me look pale as a ghost. I tried this on my sister who has more beige undertones and it looked good on her as well. So thankfully this shade will adjust itself to wide range of complexions.
Youthopia Foundation Review & Swatches
  • Texture: This foundation is truly full of surprises. For something that indicates Ghee as it primary ingredient, you’d expect a greasy, gooey texture. Instead, the cream is quite hard and has a very thick consistency that is slightly thicker than that of a concealer. It is a little difficult to blend and I would recommend moisturizing your skin well prior to usage irrespective of your skin type.
  • Application: Digging your fingers into the tub is not only messy but you also run the risk of contaminating the cream. This risk may be higher for this particular product since it does not have any preservatives. I prefer using a traditional, flat, foundation brush to pick up the cream directly from the tub. But this is easier said than done since the mouth of the tub is really small. I have to place 2 fingers on the bristles of the brush and press hard to scrape off the thick cream. Plus I have to do this several times since this does not spread easily and I need to picking up more cream to cover my entire face. But the good news is that once blended, the foundation looks smooth without any streakiness.
  • Coverage: This provides medium to full coverage. It covers blemishes and spots beautifully and does not give the dreaded white cast. It also fills in pores and scars. I love how it makes me look almost flawless while seeming natural :yes:Inspite of the heavy coverage it feels lightweight even when I’ve worn layers.
  • Finish: It has a predominantly matte finish that appears healthy and not chalky. Since I have oily skin it gets dewy after a while but it does not make my skin as greasy as I’d expected.
Young Discover Youthopia Foundation Swatches+good cheap makeup foundation
  • Staying power: It stays put the entire day until I decide to take it off. I do have to touch up with compact after 2 hours or so but there’s no alarming level of oiliness that you’d expect from something infused with Ghee. I’ve worn it from morning till night with a few powder touch-ups and my imperfections stayed concealed the entire day.
  • Sensitivity: Aah this must be the question on everybody’s mind. Does it break me out?? Well, the answer is a big “No”! This is yet another surprise since I have awfully acne-prone skin that breaks-out at the drop of a hat. I bought this only coz the quantity was so less that I would not feel guilty of having purchased this, had it been incompatible with my skin.

What I like about Young Discover Youthopia Foundation:-

  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Sweet fragrance that is not bothersome
  • Provides medium to full coverage
  • Hides blemishes, spots and refines pores
  • No white cast
  • Matte finish with just a hint of dewiness
  • Does not look streaky or patchy once blended
  • Feels lightweight on skin without any greasiness
  • Lasts until it is removed
  • Did not break me out or irritate skin
  • Doubles up as a concealer due to its thick consistency
  • One shade can be made to suit a range of skintones
  • Organic makeup with no synthetic preservatives, petroleum, artificial fragrances or dyes
  • Not tested on animals

What I don’t like about Young Discover Youthopia Foundation:-

  • Availability
  • Tiny tub packaging is unhygienic and not user-friendly
  • Mouth of the tub is too small to use with a brush or even fingers
  • Consistency is thick and takes a bit of effort to blend
  • Requires a moisturizer underneath to enable easy blending and a smooth finish
  • Limited shade selection (only two)
  • At first glance, this appears inexpensive but it is actually pricey for the meagre quantity provided (By the way, this is the only size available.)

Rating: 4.7/5

Yellow tones foundation swatches+Young Discover Youthopia Foundation – Review & Swatches

Final thoughts:

This foundation has both impressed and surprised me with its quality and performance. It makes my skin look flawless and no one can guess I have foundation on. I don’t mind the small quantity but I really wish the tub was flatter with a wide mouth. I recommend using a moisturizer and/or primer underneath and using a flat foundation brush to pick up the cream to avoid contaminating the product. Definitely worth a try especially if you like organic makeup :yes:


Have you tried the Young Discover Youthopia Foundation?

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  1. i can’t believe that it smells of roses..although i would be scared of buying this but u made it sound like a fab product sweet..

  2. Sounds like a really good product Naf! It seems to have worked well.. Will give it a try 🙂
    But ivaloooo chinna dubba? 😛 they shud have a warning that say – keep sway from small children and adults with a fetish for misplacing things 😀

  3. Hi nafi Nice review… :hug-makeup: I am already using this and reviewed…. 😀
    I am full n full love with this Foundation…. :-* :inlove:
    I have seen 3 shades…may be out of stock… ?:-)

    • Thanks Zee :-* I wanted to try their lipsticks too but cudnt really find a shade I liked. Guess what….i made a discovery today: Lipice orange looks like a good dupe for Revlon Colorburst in Peach 😀


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