Your guide for beautiful, healthy and dewy skin

Who doesn’t wish for a healthy dewy skin? Few minor changes in our diet and lifestyle can make a lot of difference to our skin. Our skin is the largest organ in our human body and the glow of the skin shows how the body is functioning internally.
You can attain a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin by bringing some simple changes in your life.
1) Include lots and lots of raw fruits, greens and vegetables in your diet. Increasing the consumption of fresh fruits fruits and vegetables can work wonders for your body. Try to make them constitute 40-50% of your diet.
Skin experts emphasize more on raw fruits as by cooking food at a temperature of 47 degree Celsius or more the enzymes present in our food are destroyed. Enzymes are catalysts in digestion and play an important role in reversing and fighting age. No pill or supplement can replace the magical, life-giving enzymes and nutrients in raw living foods. Although pills can help alleviate some deficiency symptoms, but why settle for second best when you can have the real thing!
2) It is good to exercise every day for at least half an hour but if you’re is not able to do so, then exercising minimum three times a week is also sufficient for your skin. Exercise keeps body metabolism, hormonal cycle and cardiovascular health in good shape. Also exercise helps in removing all the unwanted toxins from our body by urination and perspiration. This ultimately makes our skin healthy and it shows on the face .
3) If you are aiming for ageless beauty then definitely say a Big NO to alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. All these things strain the internal organs of the body and slowly disturb the whole body system.
Our liver needs detoxification and cleansing .In fact skin diseases are actually a sign of an overburdened liver. All the body cleansing and detoxification take place in our liver and that is why it is the most strongest organ of the body. Keeping away from these harmful ingredients you can bring noticeable improvement in your skin.
4) Take 1tbsp of flax seeds every day and eat green leafy vegetables. Ideally one should eat 500gm of fresh and raw green leafy vegetables but consuming this much every day is something which will be difficult for most of us. You can learn to include them in your diet in various ways –
a. Drink them in the form of juices.Take out any green leafy vegetable juice and mix them with fruit juice. This way it becomes easy to include them in your diet.
b. Toss the green leafy vegetables in your salads by putting fresh fruits like tomatoes,corns,avocade in them and putting up your favorite salad dressing in it.
5). Try to sleep 8 hours a day or sleep till you feel relaxed. Best way to follow this is to set up your sleeping time and stick to it. All your efforts of diet and work out will show up only when you include adequate amount of sleep into your life.
6). Always know the ingredients of your cosmetics before using them. Don’t compromise on the brands .Most of the skin care and shampoo products contain harmful chemicals which can affect your skin badly.
7). Keep yourself hydrated for a beautiful and a smooth complexion. Remember to drink purified water as unhygienic water affects liver. One must drink 8 glasses of water every day and if one is in physical activities then 10-12 should be minimum for them
All the above mentioned changes in life style may look difficult to adapt in the beginning, but once they become your habit they will benefit your skin through out your life.
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  1. Thanks for the lovely tips. I tired olive oil on hair and tell you what it was amazing, after shampooing the hair felt so soft and shiny.Your tips are amazing.Did you saw the forum, you can contribute there too. Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva


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