Your Makeup Brush Guide



Your Makeup Brush Guide


Heya girls! πŸ™‚

I have a big crush on makeup, unlike you all. why i say so? beacuse i have a “crush” on makeup and you girls are in “love” with it. squinting your eyes on my statement? πŸ˜› haha.. ok let me explain. who doesn’t drool over makeup and  its products – everyone. but i am someone who drools over it and is still a beginner or maybe someone who has not started yet πŸ˜› that makes me have a crush on makeup – I love it but doesn’t own much. being here on wise she just quadruples my fondness of makeup. everyday day new products and more new products – sometimes I envy you guys.

And now I have decided to start with some blush, some foundation or a concealer maybe πŸ˜‰ apart from all these i own everything don’t consider me geek.

To be honest, since I am not using anything on face except of some bb creams occassionally, I am not really very well aware of the right ways to apply makeup. and i mean the countour, highlighter, bronzer, blush or foundation or concealer for that matter. All my research and watching you guys have ignited in me the urge to start afresh as a beginner and learn and learn.

So, for all those who are like me, still a beginner and a learner, there we have a makeup brush guide.


A foundation brush is designed to create a smooth, even finish, flawless look. Purposely meant for the application of the foundation or mousse or bb/cc creams, should not be used for anything else. Use this brush to apply, distribute and blend foundation into all areas of the face. the fluffier the better.





As the name suggest, it is a concealer brush. Use it for applying cream or liquid concealer precisely and neatly. mostly used to conceal dark circles or some dark spots on the face. 


Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush Review



This brush is used for an even application of powders and mineral foundations for smooth, high-definition results. This brush works with all kinds of loose powder, pressed powders and even powder foundations for a sheer coverage.


Real Techniques Powder Brush bristles



this brush is compact and angular which helps to contour the cheeks to give elegant high cheek bones.





There is nothing better than applying makeup with the right brush. they are uniquely designed to provide beautiful, flawless coverage. give your cheek some blushing glow.


The Body Shop Blush Brush - Leona Lewis Collection Review handle+makeup brush set



these are used to apply eyeshadows. An angular brush is always recommended for the application of eye shadow.


QVS Eyeshadow Brush



This is a slanted brush used to define the eyebrows and to fill in the colour perfectly.


Best way to use eyebrow brush


This is a small guide for those who are ready for a makeover

We have experts here who own oodles of brushes and kits, reading their reviews would benefit you in a number of ways.

I remind you, this article is written keeping in mind the beginners, experts please don’t criticize my small effort I am also a beginner πŸ˜‰

Do you have a collection of makeup brushes?

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  1. Well written Shivangi, convert ur crush into love, i say loving ur makeup is better than person, bcz it won’t say a word to us, it will do what ever we say(we apply) :P, makeup is like integral part of our life, i want to add 3 more brushes- lip brush, eye shadow blending brush and eye liner brush.

    If you add some brands ranging from low to high may be helpful for beginners.

    • aww..thank you so much sravanthi. I was paranoid about the article, whether any one of you would like it or not. But I am glad the efforts paid off. I was about to add these brushes too, but my main focus was on the brushes that beginners have problem to decide about. Anyway, thanks again for the additional help πŸ™‚ And yes, now I am going to be in love with my makeup. Need to start up soon πŸ˜›

    • I am overwhelmed by such a response ruhee, thanks alot dear πŸ™‚ you won’t believe how I thought this article as a waste to write here when we are having every other person as a makeup geek πŸ™‚ Now, I am so happy πŸ˜€

  2. Amazing article you have written, it will be so very helpful to many people especially beginners. Trust me years back when I first started taking interest in makeup I was in need for such well written articles on Indian blogs to get proper guidance on the brushes :))

  3. Neetu, thank you so very much πŸ™‚ I am so so glad, I could be of help. I am also a beginner and I can relate to the height of dilemma we have when it comes to start off.

  4. it’s a lovely write up shivangi….there may be pros here but everyday there are new beginners who need such sources, it would be immensely helpful to them…good job girl πŸ™‚

  5. this article deserves only appreciation… and blush brush is a luv at first sight… plz lemme know whch blush brush is this !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much ritika πŸ™‚ this I a brush from The Body Shop Leona Lewis collection. I know it is worth drooling, go check it out on the blog it has already been reviewed.

  6. A perfect article for a beginner kit.. I still remember I struggled to even find what brushes go in a basic kit.. U can add as many brushes later in d kit as u need.. But dese brushes should suffice d basic makeup πŸ™‚ Brilliant effort Shivangi πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much himani πŸ˜€ I know, that struggle to find the basic brushes to start up with. I am glad you find the post helpful for beginners.

  7. Hey Shivangi,

    Great post, specially since everyone has to start somewhere and basics are always the best to begin.Loved the pictures too.What brush have u used for the blush brush pictures? The pink and white one?

  8. Hi ankita!
    Thank you first of all. This is brush is from The Body Shop Leona Lewis collection. It has already been reviewed on the blog. I tried to provide you with the link in the comment somehow that comment is not published. You can search for it.

  9. great article Shivangi..! loved your write up dear…! it will certainly help those who still don’t know how these makeup accessories can magically transform their looks..! this post reaches out to every beginner…! and I include myself to be surely the one getting benefits from reading this post..! excellent!!


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