Another YSL Review from my side and the lip colour I am sharing today is brand’s best bet, YSL ROUGE Volupte. The golden sleek tubes are famous across globe and have established a mark in beauty industry. I first tried it 3 years ago but then made a safe distance due to high price, until recently when I started exploring the brand again.

YSL Silky Sensual  Lipstick

  • Colour – # 17 Red Muse is described as Bright Orange Red, I am sure there are number of reds like this in my stash but as I am in ORANGE RED, RED ORANGE and ORANGE Phase I picked this, it is warm toned bright orangey red shade, there is no shimmer but the sheen itself is pretty noticeable and makes my lips look plumped up, something very posh and classy. I am NC 40 and it suits me perfectly, the colour is universally flattering and just lifts up my complexion.
  • Size – 4 Gms.
  •  Price – 1820/- , the recent price is 1900/- INR,
  • Finish and Texture – Extremely light weight and creamy, it layers very thin and almost like feather, it covers pigmentation in single swipe. However if you layer more it appears more vibrant which I prefer. I feel darker shades from this range are more even in finish and lighter ones appear little uneven. Some lipsticks give messy feel when you press your lips but this is so light weight and creamy that it gives polished feel to it. These are certainly high maintenance lipsticks and need a good primer beforehand and a lip pencil too.

YSL Red Muse HandSwatch

Staying power – It is gorgeously pigmented lipstick but it is slippery at the same time, I make sure to use a base with this shade, either outline them or all over lips.  The lipstick on its own stays for 3- 4 on my lips and doesn’t bleed or settle in fine lines . Once it fades there is subtle red tint left behind and my lips don’t feel dry at all.

Packaging – THE BEST, by pictures am sure you know it and might have read all around. The golden tube with YSL logo and colour band of the lip colour is the proof. I am sure no brand can come up something so luxurious and classy.

YSL Silky Sensual #17 Red Muse

Application – I especially wanted to mention this point , due to rounded tip it is little annoying to get precise line and I feel a good outline with lip brush is required , however , in lip swatch here I used it directly from tube , you can see little unevenness .

My Experience with YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ – Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick #17 Red Muse:

I love the shade and already a fan of the finish but I would definitely recommend you to try these in store before you buy. I did try one earlier and that was bang on amazing in lasting power but this which I didn’t try is not as long lasting as others. The company didn’t claim that they are extremely long lasting but still as I tried some other shades I was expecting the same from this.


For all YSL Lipsticks I recommend you to try on lips and then may be buy online in sale or offers.

What I like about YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ – Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick #17 Red Muse –

  • The packaging is the best across brand and amongst all brands available in Indian market.
  • The texture is so moisturizing and hydrating.
  • Awesome pigmentation which makes it opaque in single layer.
  • Very light weight feel on lips, almost like melted butter.
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines.
  • It contains SPF which adds another bonus point.
  • Amazing shade range, from nudes to pinks, orange, coral, red and wine, spectacular shades and something for everyone.

What I don’t like about YVES SAINT LAURENT ROUGE VOLUPTÉ – Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick #17 Red Muse –

  • It does need a good base to stick and to provide a body else it just slips off  lips, it doesn’t bleed but still I find that a lip pencil for this particular shade is required.

Ratings – 4 /5, I loved the shade but as I said it requires a base no matter what, so a little extra step for long lasting lips I am deducting 1 point.

Would I repurchase – I will definitely pick one or two as I love the luxurious feel to it , already eyeing # 3 which is awesome everyday shade however am not sure if I will use it often !

Have you tried YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ – Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick #17 Red Muse ?


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  1. This is such a fab shade, I am loving it, Lovely pics dear! But with my budget issues, currently cant think of buying it, :p but surely will try this brand

  2. The packaging and colour are so luxurious but personally, I’d rather pick up 2 MAC lipsticks at the price of 1 YSL. 😛

    Btw, you lipswatches are exquisite! What lighting do you photograph them in?


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