Zara Miami Roll On Eau De Toilette Review


Zara Miami Roll On Eau De Toilette


Hi everyone,

Guess what, I have got whooping 5 days off from work and I totally love it. Who doesn’t love family time? I am no exception. I am going to be in my crocodile mode all these days; that is- lying in the laziest posture possible for whatever time I want. 😛 Who else is going to be the same, let me know in the comments section.

Ok, so I am reviewing another fragrance from Zara’s roll on range which has got an interesting name “miami”.


Zara Miami Roll On Eau De Toilette


Price: INR 390 for 10 ml

My experience with Zara Miami Roll On Eau De Toilette:

Zara did a great job by introducing these vial perfumes. I mean it was never convenient for me to carry perfume bottles or buy miniature bottles and empty my perfume into them just to make them portable. These vials have been my best friends this summer like I told you before and I am enjoying every bit of them. I have seen more than 6 variants of these on the counters, so there is a varied fragrance range in these vial perfumes for everyone. The one I am reviewing today is in the EDT form.

Packaging: It comes as a long glass vial kind of packaging with a metallic roll on head. The previous one had a plastic roll on head. Now this is what I call royal packaging. I reviewed fabindia’s roll on perfume oil a few days back and if I make a comparison between the packaging of the two, then Zara wins with a huge margin I would say.




Now talking about the glass body, though you cannot afford to let this slip from your hands but I have been carrying it in my handbag almost daily and there has been absolutely no problem with that.

This is mainly a fruity fragrance. I cannot tell you the exact notes but it is a beautiful day time mild fruity fragrance. The one that you can wear at workplace or to your school/college, the one that can mimic to be your own bodily fragrance(owing to the mildness) and the one that would still speak for itself. Ok, I know I give imaginary descriptions to fragrances but that is what I feel about it. It is purely a summer fragrance and would be liked by women of all ages.

The staying power in this one, being a mild fragrance, is 3 hours in its full form after which it gets very dim. You may just pull it out from your handbag and reapply anyway, so that is not a problem I suppose.


Zara Miami Eau De Toilette Roll On


I roll it over the nape of my neck, behind the ears and around my wrist and elbows. It is just too convenient and handy that I feel like stocking these up in all variants.

Overall, these are the best pocket perfumes I have ever come across and I highly recommend these to you. Also, I have seen Zara getting more and more fragrances in this mini roll on form these days. So, go try and bring home the best one for you.


What I like in Zara Miami Roll On Eau De Toilette:

  • Classy glass body vial
  • Very convenient to be carried along anywhere anytime.
  • The fragrance is mild in strength and being a fruity fragrance it would be liked by many.
  • Does not irritate the skin even a bit.
  • Decent pricing.

What I do not like in Zara Miami Roll On Eau De Toilette:

  • The staying power is a bit low in this one as compared to the previous one.

P.S. Fragrances are very subjective and you should definitely sniff them before buying.

Rating: 4.9/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Zara Miami Roll On Eau De Toilette?

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  1. hey, i have been reading your posts…n i recently came across this zara roll ons post…i find it really interesting and i would love to try all of them….can u please tell me where can i find in in India ??? i have tried searching it online but unfortunately i couldn’t find it…it would be great if can help me out.


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