Zara Roll on Eau De Parfum Night Review


 Zara Roll on Eau De Parfum Night


Hi everyone,

How are you all? I am writing this post in 47 degrees of mad summer day temperature with AC not working and do not be surprised if after sometime you find me in the melted form lying on the floor. :-p

Anyways, I am going to review a roll on perfume from Zara which seems to be my great companion in this summer season.


zara roll on perfume


Price: INR 390 for 10 ml

My experience with Zara Roll on Eau De Parfum Night:

Zara did a great job by introducing these vial perfumes. I mean it was never convenient for me to carry perfume bottles or buy miniature bottles and empty my perfume into them just to make them portable. These vials have been my best friends this summer like I told you before and I am enjoying every bit of them. I have seen more than 6 variants of these on the counters, so there is a varied fragrance range in these vial perfumes for everyone.


Zara Eau De Parfum Night


Packaging: It comes as a long glass vial kind of packaging with a roll on head. Now this is what I call royal packaging. I reviewed fabindia’s roll on perfume oil a few days back and if I make a comparison between the packaging of the two, then Zara wins with a huge margin I would say.

Now talking about the glass body, though you cannot afford to let this slip from your hands but I have been carrying it in my handbag almost daily and there has been absolutely no problem with that.

The fragrance is a mix of vanilla and some other pleasant smell intermingled in the woody background. It makes to be a great evening fragrance. People who otherwise do not like vanilla hints like me would also surprisingly like it I think. It is neither mild nor too strong. Its strength is good enough to make an impact on others yet remain subtle. It is a kind of luxurious fragrance I would say. If you want to use in the day time, use it sparingly.


Zara Roll on Eau De Parfum Night


The staying power in this one is better than other fragrances that I have used in this vial range. It stays in its full form for half of the day and gets dim after that but that is not an issue at all as you just have to pull it out from your handbag and reapply.

I roll it over the nape of my neck, behind the ears and around my wrist and elbows. It is just too convenient and handy that I feel like stocking these up in all variants.


Zara Rollon Eau De Parfum Night


Overall, these are the best pocket perfumes I have ever come across and I highly recommend these to you.

What I like in Zara Roll on Eau De Parfum Night:

  • Classy glass body vial
  • Very convenient to be carried along anywhere anytime.
  • The fragrance is medium in strength and would impress a lot of audience out there.
  • Stays for half a day in its full form and lingers on mildly even beyond that.
  • Does not irritate the skin even a bit.
  • Decent pricing.

What I do not like in Zara Roll on Eau De Parfum Night:

  • According to me, there is nothing to list down in this section but perfumes are very subjective and you should definitely sniff then before buying.

Rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Zara Roll on Eau De Parfum Night?

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