Zenith Nutrition Hairfab – Must Try Hair Growth Supplement


Zenith Nutrition Hairfab – Must Try Hair Growth Supplement

Hello Everyone,

Most of you know that I gave a new look  to my hair! I had long hair since quite a long time. I got bored, so I cut them short and colored them too 😉


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I myself started missing my long hair I started taking good care of them again. I know that my hair grows fast because of the hair care routine which I follow. Biotin has always been a part of my routine, that prevents hair from damage and helps hair to grow.

Tarun suggested me a hair growth supplement- Zenith Nutrition Hairfab which she swears by. I also gave it a try and the results have been amazing.


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I had these supplements every now and then to be honest i was not having it like everyday but was having it around 3 -4 times a week for sure.I also took care of my diet which I mostly do which I think is equally important infact more.

After a month of use, my hairfall has completely stopped and hair growth faster than what I thought!


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Let’s see what makes Zenith Nutrition Hairfab so effective on hair!



Zenith Nutrition Hairfab ingredients


Biotin is the main ingredient in Zenith Nutrition Hairfab. Biotin as we all know, prevents hairfall and promotes thickening of hair. By the way, Biotin aids weight loss too 😉

The Folic acid renews cells that promote hair growth. The supplement also contains Vitamin B12 which again promotes hair growth. Vitamin B12 is must have if you wish to have beautiful hair. But most of the vegetarian folks are deficient in Vitamin B12 since its found mostly in animal products. With Zenith Nutrition Hairfab, you won’t need to convert to a non veggie in order to growth your hair 😛

It also has ingredients like MSM (methyle SulfonylMethane) and Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) that are known to stimulate hair growth. The best part of Zenith Nutrition Hairfab is the presence of antioxidants like vitamin C and antioxidant minerals like zinc, manganese, selenium and copper. It also has iron, magnesium and chromium that are needed to provide strength to hair. It also contains iodine that regulates thyroid. Most of the people who suffer from thyroid suffer from immense hairfall and dry scalp. This supplement is great for people who suffer from such conditions that leads to hairfall. Zenith Nutrition Hairfab also contains Thiamine and riboflavin that prevents hair loss due to dandruff.

My experience with Zenith Nutrition Hairfab:

My hair growth is good, its now even better with the use of this supplement. This time I noticed tiny hair saplings uprooting from my scalp. I did not have dandruff, so can’t comment on its effectiveness on dandruff control. Overall, I quite liked it.

Price: Rs 1920 for 60 capsules.


Zenith Nutrition Hairfab review


Dosage: 2 capsules every day after your breakfast.

What I like about Zenith Nutrition Hairfab:

  • Easily available online.
  • 100 % Vegetarian
  • No taste or after taste of capsules
  • No wheat, gluten,artificial colour free, milk, sugar, sweetener or lactose.
  • No side effects

What I don’t like about Zenith Nutrition Hairfab:

  • Some may find it expensive.

In a nutshell, Zenith Nutrition Hairfab is a must try supplement for all women who wish to have beautiful hair 🙂 . Now a good deal on this awesome supplement. Zenith Nutrition is available on MyNutramart for Rs 1536 instead of its actual price of Rs 1920 . I bought two bottles for next 2 months 😛

Do try Zenith Nutrition Hairfab and share your hair results with us. You could send us your hair growth progress pics too 🙂 .

Have you tried Zenith Nutrition Hairfab?

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  1. This product sounds promising, i am currently taking the cheapest multivitamin :p becosules z, it has zinc, folic acid , biotin and vitamin c, n others, it works on me! 🙂 love ur hair ! <3

  2. Wow d growth is awesome :* M currently using only daily supplements but nthing for hair specifically.. Dis looks like a good find.. 🙂

  3. Heyy Anamika,
    hw r u? Get all ur updates…love the new looks u keep updating! Anyways…I just want to knw that I am loosing my hair for the past 8-9 months…! I really want to try this medi…only if u cud maybe suggest another name with biotin in it….! Its been 19 months since I had my baby girl….after she was born I had beautiful hair…but now m worried….please help and also can ma n my brother have this medi??they are also facing the same kind of problem…diet is fine….only the hair…some say it is mostly due to the change of weather…is it true?


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