Zenith Protein Pure Whey Review


Zenith Protein Pure Whey Review

Whey protein has gained a lot of popularity among the fitness conscious lot. Protein not only is a muscle building nutrient but it is also a great replenishment after workout.

Zenith Protein Pure Whey Review

Why Take Whey Protein After A Workout

Whey protein is extracted from cow milk. It is best taken after weight training or an aerobic workout not before as then it will be hard to digest it. Body loses a lot of water when you exercise. It also reduces levels of many nutrients apart from glucose. Aerobic exercising breaks a lot of muscle tissues too. When you take whey protein after exercising, it replenishes the nutrients and speeds up the process of muscle recovery. Taking whey protein after working out, rebuilds muscles quickly as it has all the essential amino acids required by the body.

All these good things about whey protein made me buy this and here I am with the review of Zenith Protein Pure Whey.

About Zenith Protein Pure Whey-

Zenith Protein Pure Whey ingredients

ZENITH PROTEIN PURE WHEY is an ideal nutritional supplements to attain lean muscular body. it contains whey protein isolate & concentrate with maximum protein blended with delicious flavours for better palatability. Zenith Protein Pure Whey is ready source of protein for people looking to build up lean muscle tissue for a lean muscular body. Whey protein has a large concentrate of Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) for ready utilisation.

Zenith Protein Pure Whey is on easily digestible source of protein.


Zenith Protein Pure Whey comes in a white jar with a screw lid. The jar has all the nutritional facts on it.

My Experience with Zenith Protein Pure Whey

This is a white powder and can be taken with milk or water. It tastes like vanilla. As I do not like vanilla taste, I didn’t like the flavor of this one. It is definitely a great protein supplement after working out. Though I do not like the taste, I Like Zenith Nutrition as a brand and trust it. They make quality products and so next time I will be trying the chocolate flavor.

whey protein india

I will be using this one in my smoothies. Whey protein can also be added to shakes, porridge and soups.

I take low carb-high protein diet and this whey protein is ideal for that. This is a vegetarian product so everyone can have this.

Do you also take protein supplements? I would like to know what’s your favorite protein.

What I like about Zenith Protein Pure Whey

  • Good protein supplement

  • Can be taken in many ways

  • Comes in two flavors

  • Easily available online

  • Product of a trusted brand

What I do not like about Zenith Protein Pure Whey

  • I do not like this flavour but that is just my preference

Price- INR 980 for 300g. MyNutramart is selling at a discounted price of Rs 765 🙂

Have you tried Zenith Protein Pure Whey?

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