Zodiac Eye Makeup Look for Libra


Zodiac Eye Makeup Look for Libra

I was going through my jewellery book for gem stones and all stuff when gem stones for corresponding zodiac signs caught my eye. I was fascinated and I thought why not eye makeup looks for each zodiac according to the colours which are considered lucky for them. So here I am with an eye makeup look for Libra that starts from September 23 to October 22. I hope the librarians like this look.


blue green eye make up look for libra+liquid eyeliner


Coming to Libra, the colours which are lucky for Libra women and men alike are jade green, blue (sapphire, denim or cobalt), and white. Copper is the metal for Libra.


Libra Zodiac Eye Makeup Look+eyeshadow


Here is the procedure and products used ladies:


  1. Lakme perfecting foundation
  2. Lakme radiance compact
  3. Babila eye lash curler ( it’s really good )
  4. Elle 18 cranberry
  5. Dazzler mascara
  6. Eye shadows from random palettes
  7. Few eye pencils


Products used for blue green eye make up+eye shadow on eyes

Blue green eye shadow swatches+eye shadow colors



  1. Prime and prep your eyes. Fill in your brows with brown or black depending on your eye colour.
  2. Apply eye shadow no 1 in the inner eye corner. It’s a shimmery ice blue. Build up till you get the coverage
  3. Apply eye shadow no 2 in the next 3/4th o the lid. Its sapphire blue. Blend it with the help of shade no 1. This will give perfect blend and it will look like cobalt based blue. The blue here looks a bit light because of natural light. It’s a bit denim blue actually
  4. Now fill the next part with eye shadow no 3. Its light jade green. Extend it inwards and upwards into your crease.
  5. Intensify the outer wing with eye shadow no 5. Its emerald green. Blend it into your crease.
  6. Now with a black pencil, make a crisp outer v. blend it into the crease
  7. Draw a cat eye on your lash line and extend it out wards a bit line a wing. Now using a pencil which is mint green in color, fill your inner half of lower lash line. Use the same colour to fill your tear duct area.
  8. Now fill the outer half with black and blend using eye shadow no 4 for that green effect.
  9. Fill your water line with white for that added oomph and add loads of mascara


jade green eye make up+how to apply eye shadow

Zodiac Eye Makeup Look for Libra+eye shadow


Tada….you are done

Since this is quite dramatic, I used Elle 18 cranberry as its copper based and also will not be OTT. Don’t use a blue based lip stick. Stick to brown, peach or coral tones. Even the blush should be in these tones. Both lipstick and eye makeup in blue tones will be too much and it won’t be pretty one bit. Choose your outfit carefully and don’t include many colours in it as your eyes are all you need.


Lip color with blue green eye makeup+makeup cosmetics


This is my first eye look here on wiseshe family so please be kind ladies 🙂

Let me know how you liked it librarians.

I will do this for every zodiac sign. Stay tuned scorpions. Till then ciao…

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  1. just wow rani. i am not able to take my eyes off from your beautiful peepers.great eye make up with beautiful explanation.i am a scorp. would wait for your next post. clap for you..amazing post 🙂

    • yes thank you gkaur. i love blue. that’s one of jewel tone i carry like as much ease as breathing :)…being a neutral to cool toned girl blue looks great on me 🙂

  2. This is amazing, from such affordable and inexpensive stuff u have created fab look! do create a look for my zodiac sign cancer too 🙂

  3. Wow.. Dharini cant blv u did so well with those inexpensive products.. I really have to learn some eye makeup skills from u… Such a pretty dear. <3 8) . And Ur photographer is too sharp and clear.. Which Cam do u use?? 🙂 😛

    Waiting for LEO to arrive 😀

    • wow you are a leo…like my mom 🙂 love it :)thanks sush 🙂 my photographer is my self girl. i use sony cyber shot girl 12.3 mega pixel 🙂
      and i will do definitely for leo girl 🙂

    • ah finally some one who is the person of this day 🙂 thank you shilpa. do try this and let me know. wear it on a LBD if you have and you will rock :).
      and now that we have our own fashion blog, do an OOTD 🙂


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