Zodiac Sagittarius Eye Makeup Look


Hello beauties. I am sorry for the delay. My laptop went haywire and now I am back with my eye looks. I have finished Scorpio till now. Today we will see the eye look for the zodiac of the month that is Sagittarius. Sagittarius starts by November 22nd to December 21st. a fire sign known for the famous Rajinikanth and few others. Sagittarius women are very attractive and career oriented.

The lucky colors for the sign is yellow, blue, dark blue, brown and grey. The lucky metal for Sagittarius is tin. Since I have already done a look in blue and green based for Libra, I came up with a yellow dominated one with a sharp brown contrast and also added little grey and blue in it. if you try this exact look, keep your outfit pastel and a single color so that it won’t clash and make you look like a butterfly (yes they are beautiful, but here it will anything but).So let’s see what I came up with.

Green smokey eotd

Products used:-

1. Lakme radiance compact
2. Homemade eye primer
3. Dazzler mascara
4. Babila eye lash curler.

Eye Makeup Step By Step:-

smokey eyes eotd

1. Prime and prep your eyes. Fill in your brows with a black shadow. This one is a dramatic one so keep it low on everything else.
2. Fill half of your lid with a bright yellow shadow. Fill the other half with metallic blue or jus blue. Blend blend blend…. Keep the yellow dominating. If you want a blue look add more blue.
3. Now take matte brown eye shadow and fill in the crease and extend it outwards and downwards making a butterfly like shape. Soften the edges.
4. Fill half of your outer lower lash line with the same brown and the other half with silver grey. Blend them together
5. Curl your lashes and add mascara. If you want to use liner, make it very thin.

I used Elle 18 coffee crème as m lip color here. It a soft brown and balances perfectly. Use a light brown blush or light peach to keep the look from becoming over bearing. I wore an LBD with stockings and paired it up with dark navy blue sandals. My eye makeup was a bit less dramatic than the one I did here.
One can make blue dominating here. That will help you more in options for your attire. You can add a good cat eyeliner as blue and black go better than bright yellow and dramatic black. If you need use a lighter or golden yellow instead to make it look festive but brown should be more than blue here.

How to do green eyes

Kajal also will work wonders on this one though do with a light hand and don’t forget to tightline.

I hope you liked my Scorpio  eye makeup girls. I will soon do one for Capricorns. I am one 😉

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  1. step by step tutorial is really very helpful, ur EOTD is awesome, i am sagittarus, and i am gng to do this, thank u so much rani, by the way what palette u used?


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